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Kota is a beautiful city, and it is situated in the southeast of the Northern Indian state of Rajasthan. The metropolitan area of Kota is 240 km, a significant institute hub for competitive exam preparation.

It has many famous engineers and Science coaching institutes all over the country. Apart from it, there are several other reasons why Kota is famous among the people.

About and History of Kota

History of Kota

Kota has a broad past. Headed by several rulers over the centuries, it has a mix of cultures. Its record dates back to the 12th century AD when Hada Sardar Rao deva conquered the areas and established the kingdom of Hadoti and Bundi.

During the early years in the 17th century A.D, Rao Ratan Singh, then the king of Bundi, sculpted out the princely state of Kota and blessed it to his son Madho Singh. Just because it is situated on the eastern bank of the Chambal river, Kota has always become the important trade route from Rajasthan to Delhi and Gujarat.


Kota is in the third position among the largest cities in the state. It is spread over an area of 12,435 km, about of the total land covered by the state of Rajasthan. Chambal river forms a natural boundary line that separates Kota from other districts. Apart from the coaching hub, the Kota is famous for Kota stone, Sandstone, Kota sarees, kachori, etc.


Kota climatic conditions

Culture of Kota

The weather of Kota is semi-arid, indicating that the temperature of Kota is very high throughout the year. The summers are very long, hot, and dry. The summer season lasts from the end of March to June. Humidity is often high with torrential rains during the monsoon season.

The economy of Kota

Kota has a huge array of thriving industries that are the backbone of the country's economy. Various thermal power plants, fertiliser industries, and engineering firms are established in Kota.

Also, the Kota is rich in trade of wheat, oil seed, cotton, millet, coriander, etc. All these things are grown in Kota at a very large scale.

Language and culture

Kota is a very important princely district of Rajasthan state. Kota is rich in cultural heritage and tradition. Kota Being a part of it is no different and offers a rich set of traditions and customs.

The people of Kota serve as a platform to showcase the city's traditions. During the festive season, various Tourister come to Kota to become witnesses of this fantastic and colourful custom.

Some necessary fairs and festivals of Kota are Gangaur festival, Duaherra, industrial fair, handicraft Mela, Chambal adventure sports festival, national festivals, Holi, Diwali, etc. The residents usually speak Haruhi of Kota. Apart from that, the Kota people also speak Marwari, Hindi, and English.

Tourist attraction in Kota

Kota has lots of visitors attraction point some of them are- the seven wonder parts, Kota Barrage, Garadia Mahadev, Kishore Sagar, Jag Mandir palace, Khade Ganesh Ji temple, City palace, Chambal river Safari, Chambal gardens, Government Museum Kota, Godavari Dham temple, Kaithoon, Rao Madho Singh museum, etc.

Kota food

The people of Kota are very fascinated by food. Because of this reason, Kota food is very popular in India. Some popular Kota dishes are traditional vegetables, kadi with paratha, kachori, dahi vada, dal-bati-churma, etc.

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