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About Chennai

Chennai is the capital city of Tamil Nadu. It's the political and cultural hub of the state and an epitome of the Dravidian movement in India.

Chennai is referred as an entree to South Indian Nation. It is going to not have a Red Fort or a Marine Drive or a Victoria Memorial, however it is India’s oldest trendy city. There are many temples, churches, forts, mosques, palaces and natural attractions in Madras.

It is one amongst the four metropolitan cities of India and is the capital of Tamilnadu. This state is legendary for its beach, temples, fabrics, monuments, Carnatic music, classical dances, and food. It is an ancient town and is best-known for its culture, trade and design. Madras has its mark throughout the colonial times of British and French. It’s a little India wherever you'll be able to witness totally different styles of folks, cultures, and traditions.

History of Chennai

Chennai includes a terribly robust history. Its fame is often attributed to the Raja of Chandragiri who was the primary person to get the inspiration for establishing the town of Madras.

During British Rule, the government established some forts and mercantilism places throughout the town. They are referred to as this province because of the Madrasapattinam. A picture was released within the recent stellar Aarya and Amy Jackson that attracted several international audiences. The film represents the classic Tamil life-style and also the British rule in India.

Chennai is the only region in Asian nation where you'll see the right mix of varied communities. There is a well-liked spoken communication in Tamil referred to as "Vandharai Vazhavaikum Chennai" which accurately means "Chennai offers life to any or all those seeking shelter in it". This will be visually seen once you visit Madras as you'll be able to see people from nearly each region of India.

There are those who still wear long sari to those who wear trendy western outfits. There are people carrying ancient dhotis to the people carrying blazers. There are retailers that sell lazily dosa that are ancient Madras foods to pizza pie hut and McDonalds. This hanging feature of Madras will someday amaze the tourists. Some distinguished malls and monuments with banners found at each corner of the town can offer all the primary time guests and a brand new expertise.

Climate of Chennai

Chennai includes a dry-summer tropical wet and dry climate below the (Köppen climate classification). The town lies on the thermal equator and is additionally on the coast, which prevents extreme variation in seasonal temperature. The most well liked part of the year is late night too early June, best-known regionally as Hindu deity Nakshatram ("fire star") or as Kathiri Veyyil,[111] with most temperatures around 35–40 °C (95–104 °F). The best part of the year is Jan, with minimum temperatures around 19–25 °C (66–77 °F). The all-time low recorded temperature was 13.9 °C (57.0 °F) on eleven Dec 1895 and 20 nine Jan 1905.[112] the very best recorded temperature was 45 °C (113 °F) on 31 might 2003. The typical annual downfall is concerning one hundred forty cm (55 in).

Chennai is a major centre for music

The city gets most of its seasonal downfall from the north–east monsoon winds, from mid–October to mid–December. Cyclones within the Bay geographic region generally hit the town. The very best annual downfall recorded is 257 cm (101 in) in 2005. Prevailing winds in Madras are typically southwesterly between April and October and north-easterly throughout the year. Traditionally, Madras has relied on the annual rains of the monsoon season to make full water reservoirs, as no major rivers flow through the world. Madras includes a geological formation at two metres for sixty p.c of the year.

Music and arts in Chennai

Chennai is a major centre for music, art and culture in India. The town is understood for its classical dance shows. In 1930, for the primary time in India, Madras University introduced music as a part of the Bachelor of Arts information. The Madras Music Season, initiated by Madras Music Academy in 1927, is well known per annum throughout the month of Dec.

It features performances of ancient Carnatic music by several artists in and around the town. The most popular music genre in Madras is Gaana, a mix of varied folk music sung in the working-class space of North Madras.

An arts pageant referred to as the Madras Sangamam showcases not solely numerous art of state, however conjointly from the close states, like kalari (from Kerala), that may be a major attraction, is controlled in Jan per year. The Speciality of Madras Sangamam is that the varied programmes are close to or at the varied known landmarks within the town. Everybody in the city has access to the programmes and there's no fee charged for entry for any of the programmes. Pookolam, a sort of art that uses colored flour to form patterns and styles, comes from Kerala, however, often seen in abundance at the time of Onam.

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Population and Living

A resident of Madras is named a Chennaite. As per 2011 census, the town had a population of 4,646,732, at intervals a locality of 174 sq. kilometres administered by the Municipal Corporation, figuring out a population density of 26,705 persons per sq. kilometre; that had eleven hundred thousand households, with fifty one of them living in rented homes. The city's limits were expanded later in 2011 to 426 sq. kilometres and its population reached seven,088,000, leading to a population density of sixteen,639 persons per sq. kilometer, with Madras Municipal Corporation being renamed as bigger Madras Corporation.

As of 2019, 712,000 families live below poverty level, that is concerning forty p.c of the 1.788 million families within the town.


Economy of Chennai

Economy of Chennai

Recent estimates of the whole Madras Metropolitan space economy vary from $78.6 to $86 billion (PPP GDP), ranking it from fourth- to sixth-most productive railroad space of India. Madras includes a broad industrial base within the automobile, computer, technology, hardware producing and care sectors. As of 2012, the town is India's second-largest businessperson of data technology (IT) and business method outsourcing (BPO) services.

A serious part of India's industry is found in and around the town, earning it the nickname "Detroit of India". It's referred to as the Cultural Capital of South India and is the third-most visited town in India by international tourists per Euromonitor. The town conjointly is the situation of the Madras exchange, India's fourth exchange, one amongst four for good recognized by SEBI, and India's third-largest by mercantilism volume, hierarchic behind the Bombay exchange and also the National exchange of India.

Languages use in Chennai

Tamils have the bulk of Chennai's population. English is spoken for the most part by white-collar employees, typically mixed into Tamil. In 2001, out of the 2,937,000 migrants (33.8% of its population) within the town, 61.5% were from alternative components of the state, 33.8% were from the remainder of 3.7% were from outside the country. As per the 2001 census, the amount of speakers maternal language wise are as follows, Tamil is spoken by 3,424,107 (78.8%), followed by Telugu by 419,209 (9.7%), Urdu by 108,245 (4.1%), Malayalam by 113,828 (2.6%), Hindi by 104,084 (2.4%), and Kannada by 22,250 (0.5%). Korean, Japanese, French, Mandarin dialect, Russian, German and Spanish are a number of the languages spoken by the 250,000 foreign expatriates residing within the town.

Sightseeing Attractions in Chennai

St. George's fort is really the assembly of the govt. of state. Situated close to the beach, the fort has the longest flag pole within the whole country. The fort was designed throughout the rule of the East India Company in Madras. There is a church of St. Jewess is found at intervals, the church that is one amongst the oldest churches in India. The fort has a number of the oldest British tombstones in India. There's a deposit within the fort that has some rare assortment of British. A war memorial was in-built memory of these warriors who lost their lives within the warfare I.

Santhome Basilica :- It is a distinguished historical monument situated within the town of Madras. The name Santhome springs from the name of a saint referred to as St. Thomas who later died on a close-by hill referred to as St. Thomas Mount. The church includes a Portuguese design that still contains some remains of St. Thomas. The cathedral still stands robust, touching the skies, the central hall of Santhome Basilica has fourteen wood plaques that depict the last fourteen days of Hebrew. The sculpture of virgin Jewess found during this cathedral brings all the approaches from European nations within the past.

The High Court :- It is building in Madras is another example of British touch. Designed over a hundred years ago, the Madras High Court is one of the biggest justice courts within the whole world with the primary one being situated in London. The court includes an adorned entrance with many arches. Even these days the court functions actively and it is invariably thronged aside from the vacations. The court had even a lightweight complex that was later replaced by the new light house created in dockage Beach.

Government Museum :- It is another vital historical monument with an ocean of data. Though it is the name because the Government museum owned by a bunch of British voters who aim in up the lifetime of Britishers in Madras, preserve the historical knowledge, Buddhist sculptures, Relics of Chera, Chola and Pallava periods, an impressive saltation sculpture of Natarajar, Durga sculpture and Ganesh sculpture that are from the Chola period is present within the . It conjointly includes a deposit theater and conjointly one amongst the biggest libraries of Connemara.

Best Places to eat in Madras

Chennai cooking is easy and spicy. Idli, dosa, wada and uttapam are the staple breakfast things. Rice is the staple diet eaten with curd. Thayir Sadam and Puliyogare are standard foods found in Madras. Filter coffee is a very known drink in Madras. There are various intake choices in Madras. Tamarind and coconut are used extensively in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes.

Sarvana Bhavan is a prominent Chennai eatery that serves traditional Tamil cuisine.

If you thought Tamil cooking was all concerning idlis and dosas, step into any of the branches of Dindigul Thalappakatti Biriyani that may offer the most effective of the biryanis to the north of Vindhyas at cheapest rate. Amaravathi, located on Cathedral Road across from the famous Music Academy, is an excellent spot to try spicy Andhra cuisine as well as non-vegetarian Tamil cuisine.

Events in Chennai

Madras Music Season :- Organized in December-January in an unbroken sequence since 1928, the Madras Music Season is the most vital cultural event within the Madras calendar. The season offers Carnatic music concerts, dance programmes, operas, plays and magic shows.

Chennai Book Fair :- Chennai Book Fair has been held for 2 weeks in December-January per year since 1977, the Madras Book fair is the second largest book fair within the country after Delhi Book fair. The 2013, 2014 and 2015 editions had over 700 stalls and over one thousand guests. Organized by the Booksellers and Publishers Association of South India(BAPASI), several vital publishers in India participate within the fair. Debates, prize distributions, lectures and film screenings are controlled at the venue.

Madras Day' or Madras Week :- The Madras Day or Madras Week celebrations are controlled in August per year to commemorate the acquisition of the village of Madrasapattinam by East Indies Company factors Andre Cogan and Francis Day on August 22,1639. The celebrations typically consist of heritage walks, exhibitions, lectures, nature and tree walks, book and postage cowl releases and film screenings. The celebrations generally last every week, the 2014 and 2015 editions extended through August and into September further.


Chennai is one of India's most notable athletic cities, with a wide range of sports being performed practically everywhere, from street corners to large stadium tournaments.

M. A. Chidambaram Stadium is a stadium in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India (Famously known as Chepauk Stadium)

Cricket is a festival in India; during match season, every TV in the mall is switched to cricket, and the entire city is tuned in to the sport.

Frequently Asked Questions
Q1.What is special about Chennai city?
Ans. Chennai is located in Tamil Nadu on the Coromandel Coast of the Bay of Bengal. Chennai is also the capital of Tamil Nadu. It is derived from the name of the Telugu ruler Damarla Mudirasa Chennappa Nayakudu. Chennai, previously called Madras, which means "mother of God" due to Portuguese influence on the port city.
Q2.Why is Chennai famous?
Ans. Chennai is the capital of Tamil Nadu, which is located on the Coromandel Coast of the Bay of Bengal. The estimated population of 2022 is 11,503,000. Chennai is known for its temples, fabrics, classical dances, vibrant arts, culture, trade and architecture. Tamil is the city's language, but English is also spoken widely in South and Central Chennai.
Q3. What is the history of Chennai?
Ans. Chennai, known initially as Madras Patnam, was located in the province of Tondaimandalam. On 22 August 1639, Madras (now Chennai) was founded by the East India Company, which bought it as a piece of land from rulers such as Fort St George. Tamil Nadu officially changed the name of the city to Chennai in 1996.

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