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Agra is a beautiful historical place located on the bank of the Yamuna river. Agra was chosen as a capital by the Mughal emperor Akbar. And Agra is also understood as the city of the Taj Mahal.

The metropolitan area of Agra is 121 sq km. And it is very easy to reach there because all the connecting facilities are available like the train, bus, Air, etc.

Agra is in the number one position in generating money from tourists because several monuments are available in Agra, which attracts people to it.

About and History of Agra

History of Agra

It was believed that the Mughal Emperor established Agra. Sultan Sikandar Lod카, the Muslim ruler of the Delhi Sultanate, founded Agra in 1504. Also, there were many stories related to Mahabharat available that connect the relation of Mahabharat with Agra city.

Sikandar Lodi established it in 1504, the king of the Delhi Sultanate. During the first battle of Panipat, Babur defeated Sikandar Lodi. After Babar, his grandson Akbar ruled Agra, and his area is called the golden age; he built many monuments that depict Mughal architecture.

Babar established the first garden on the Yamuna river, 'Aram Bagh.' And during the period of Akbar, Akbar built a city outside Agra known as Fatehpur Sikri. The most enchanted Mughal monument.

The Taj Mahal was established by Shah Jahan and is one of the seven wonders of the world. Later Shahjahan shifted his capital from Agra to Delhi. Then after his son again turned the capital into Akbarabad.


Culture of Agra

Culture of Agra

Agra is rich in culture and heritage, with a harmonious mix of cultures belonging to different religious Christian, Muslim, Hindu, and others, under one roof. Every ruler has influenced the culture of the famous city.

Agra has a powerful Brij influence due to its proximity to Mathura and Vrindavan. On the other hand, it is also influenced by the Mughal Culture ruled by the Mughals for a long time.

Agra is the major rich in festivals celebrated as Taj Mahotsav, ten days festival, the Bateshwar fair, Kailash Fair, Holi, Diwali, Eid, Ramzan, and more. Hindi is the most common language of Agra. Hindi, English, Urdu, and BrijBhasha are very popular in Agra.

The climatic condition of Agra

Agra is semi-arid in place of humid subtropical weather because the monsoon here is substantial, not heavy compared to other places in India. The city is known for being one of the hottest, with an average temperature of around 45째C. Winter is the best time to stay and visit Agra, with temperatures around less than 10째C. The average rainfall in Agra is 627.9 mm in the monsoon season.

Food in Agra

The Agra food item which is famous all over the world is Agra petha. In Agra, all categories of cuisines are available, like Shawrma, Rabdi Jalebi, fruit cup ice cream, and Dalmoth.

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