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Chandigarh is the most beautiful city in India, which came into existence in 1952. Chandigarh is a modern city designed by the most brilliant french architect Le Carnivore who adopts all the modern techniques and designs the city on a modern theme.

Chandi denotes the deity goddess of power, while Grah means dwelling place. Thus the term Chandigarh denotes the dwelling place of Goddess Chandi.

About and History of Chandigarh

History of Chandigarh

Chandigarh belongs to the state of Punjab. The idea to develop a new city on a modern basis came in 1948 from the government of India, which became the state's capital or Punjab. In Chandigarh, all the innovative and modern techniques are applied to form a beautiful city. In 1966, the city became the capital of two neighbouring states: Punjab and Haryana.

Haryana is also part of Punjab but is divided into parts. Punjabi-speaking people are known as Punjab, Hindi, or Haryanvi-speaking people from their separate state known as Haryana. Chandigarh serves as the capital of these two States. After a few years, India's governments declared Chandigarh a union territory.

Famous educational institutions attract students to pursue their degrees in Chandigarh, India, and worldwide. Chandigarh's union territory has the highest income and is one of India's most amazing cities. The restaurants in the city are so excellent that they can compete with the restaurants in New York and London.

Geography of Chandigarh

The union territory of Chandigarh is located in the northern foothills of the Shivalik ranges. The soil of Chandigarh is very fertile and promotes crop production on a higher level. Alluvial soil is found in Chandigarh and is suitable for cultivating wheat, rice, barley, maize, and other commercial crops.


Climate of Chandigarh

Culture of Chandigarh

The climate of Chandigarh is so unique you can experience a calm and relaxed climate. According to Koeppen, the climate of Chandigarh is cold, with dry winter, hot summer, and subtropical monsoon.

The coldest month is January in the winter, and the hottest in the summer is June. From March to June, the summer season, the temperature is around 40 to 45 degrees Celsius.

June to September denotes a rainy season, and the average rainfall is around 700 mm to 1200 mm. Winter season starts from November to February, and temperatures drop from around 5 degrees Celsius to 10 degrees Celsius.

Famous food of Chandigarh

Chandigarh is famous for its food which is tasty as well as healthy. They use pure ghee in their food. The restaurant in Chandigarh is neat and clean, and decorative. The famous foods of Chandigarh are as given below.

Paratha :- Paratha is one of the most famous dishes in Chandigarh and the main breakfast item in Chandigarh. There are huge paratha varieties; around 100 varieties have been made in Chandigarh. These parathas are Aalu ka paratha, Muli Partha, Methi ka Paratha, Punjabi Lacha, kulcha, and many more.

Chole Batura :- Chhole Bhature is also very famous in Chandigarh. It combines chole, spicy chickpeas, batura, a large fried bread, or Roti, made of flour. Chole bhature is famous all over India, but the taste of chole bhature in Chandigarh is brilliant. The spices used in making chole are high quality, and the Bhature is fried in pure ghee, making the food tastier and healthier.

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