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Kuwait is the meeting place for expats and global entrepreneurs. Natural oil, petrol, and gas are available in Kuwait. This nation is the big supplier of gold liquid to most countries inEurope, Asia, and Africa. Therefore, air cargo companies are expanding their businesses in this rich country. People hire top moving service providers.

Rehousing packers and movers from India to Kuwait must provide the best relocation service. We maintain standard quality to move your luxurious belongings to any sophisticated city in Kuwait. The same way, we reverse the cargo to India. Moving from India to Kuwait is now much more affordable, fast, and reliable. We guarantee a hassle-free international moving service without creating any legal issue.

Kuwait is the meeting place for expats and global entrepreneurs.

This nation is the big supplier of gold liquid to most countries inEurope, Asia, and Africa.

Rehousing packers and movers from India to Kuwait must provide the best relocation service.

Packers and Movers services charges in Kuwait

House Shifting Type Packing material Moving Transport Charges
1 BHK Moving Costing Rs 4,000-7,000 Rs. 5,500-8,000
2 BHK Moving Costing Rs 5,000-7,000 Rs. 6,500-9,500
3/4 BHK Moving Costing Rs 5,000-9,000 Rs. 7,500-15,000
Few household items Moving Cost Rs 5,000-8,000 Rs. 7,500-17,000
Note:- Above given charges excluded manpower

Benefits of Taking International Moving Service in Kuwait

As movers, we are accountable to customers for fast logistic service in Kuwait. Rehousing movers and packers are experienced with efficiency to provide the bestoverseas moving service. To do that, we have improved our organisational support by motivating our team members for better output.

 Packers and Movers  in Kuwait

Rehousing packers and movers have cargo tracking system including freight forwarding, packing, and overseas moving from India to Kuwait and vice versa.We allow you to reverse your parcels back to India. Our expedited cargo shipment is specially tailored.For the fastest logistic support, we use the globally standard intermodal transportation systems establishing a chain- from truck to railway to truck to the aerodrome for air freight forwarding. Again after arriving at the national airport in Kuwait from India,Rehousing packers and movers have fleets of cargo trucks to collect belongings for reaching the specific destination.

For your convenience, we guide our packers and movers to consult with you before moving. Our logistic solutions are worth the effect for managing two-way shipments including moving from India to Kuwait and then returning home from Kuwait. We are live online round the clock to give you the best answer regarding the logistic service in Kuwait. Check Rehousing packers and movers competitive free quotes on our cargo services and decide whether we are your best-moving service provider. We do not take additional shipment charges.An online pre-booking system is available for both ex-pats and citizens in Kuwait.They should visit our official domain with their details for getting cargo shipmentservice in Kuwait.


To compete with top international packers and movers, we have remodeled our workstations.We have created new space for maintaining warehouses to store products before freight forwarding. Therefore, our experts opt for advanced communicative systems like the internet,GPS trackers, and sat linked systems for keeping in touch with the whole relocation network.Enjoy your next trip to Kuwait. We send your consignment and official parcels right to your specific destination. We are honest and committed to finishing our pending jobs meticulously.

Costumer Reviews
Cherag Hadvaid
The great packing and moving service
From where Kuwait

Very fast and good service Rehousing packers and movers. I'm very happy to say that very co operative staff, especially Owner. Very helpful conversation. Thanks Rehousing packers and movers team.

Pramod Jadhav
The packers and movers service was quite extremely good
From where Kuwait

Thanks for the price list and deliveries on time. We have changed your rating. Hope this will change our communication gaps and obviously it will attract us to give you more business.Suggestion: I need to work on my professional attitude.

David Joseph
I am extremely happy with your services
From where Kuwait

Absolutely amazing service, delivered as promised ( with minor/understandable delays on account of the current situation ) .He was very courteous and responded timely to all queries . I will certainly use their services again !

Vikram Rathi
Quality Bike shifting services, on time delivery.
From where Kuwait

I got stuff couriered from India to Kuwait, with a very reasonable price and got it delivered before time. Highly recommended for overseas courier services.

Top Services by international packers and movers

Top Packers and Movers services provider In Kuwait

Easy Move KW
4.9      254 Review
About Company Est 2007

Easy Move is a premier moving company in Kuwait that offers a hassle-free and simplified relocation experience. The company prides itself on providing an exceptional level of service to its clients, meeting with them well ahead of time to plan every aspect of their move from start to finish. As a result, Easy Move guarantees one-day moves that are quick and easy.At Easy Move, the team ensures to handle each client's belongings with the utmost care and attention to detail, packing them with high-quality materials, accurately labeling them, and securing them for transportation in their trucks. The company's commitment to quality and customer satisfaction is unparalleled, and they strive to exceed their clients' expectations with every move.Easy Move understands that moving can be a stressful experience, which is why they aim to make the process as simple and straightforward as possible. The company caters to their clients' budget and needs, providing customized solutions that ensure a smooth and hassle-free relocation experience. With Easy Move, clients can rest assured that their move will be handled with care and professionalism, making it the simplest way to move.

Gulf Tower، Mezzanine Floor, Kuwait City, Kuwait
ATLAS (Alghanim Transportation Logistics and Solutions)
4.8      587 Review
About Company Est 2007

ATLAS is a leading logistics and supply chain solutions company in the Middle East, offering comprehensive services in Projects, Packing & Removal and Freight Forwarding. With over 50 years of experience in the industry, ATLAS has been providing its customers with local strength and global reach. As part of Alghanim Industries, one of the largest privately owned companies in the region, ATLAS has a staff of 550+ highly trained and motivated employees, a management team with over 100 years of combined logistics experience, and an extensive network of international partners. The company uses state-of-the-art equipment and technology-based systems to deliver value-oriented, end-to-end solutions for both commercial and individual customers. ATLAS offers innovative multi-modal solutions and can cater to any commercial shipping and logistics requirement, no matter how big the project.

Al Rai Industrial Area, Street 12, Block 1 Next to Alghanim X-Cite Service Center, Kuwait
Rehousing packers and movers
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Frequently Asked Questions
What should I expect when moving to Kuwait with a rehousing packers and movers service?
When you hire a rehousing packers and movers service to help with your move to Kuwait, you can expect them to handle all aspects of the move, including packing, loading, transportation, and unloading of your belongings. They will also help you with customs clearance, which can be a complicated process when moving to Kuwait. Additionally, they will provide you with insurance coverage for your items during the move.
How much will it cost to move to Kuwait with a rehousing packers and movers service?
The cost of moving to Kuwait with a rehousing packers and movers service will depend on several factors, such as the size of your shipment, the distance of the move, and any additional services you may require. To get an accurate estimate, it's best to request a quote from the moving company. Keep in mind that while rehousing packers and movers services may be more expensive than self-moving options, they can provide you with added convenience, peace of mind, and professional expertise.
How can I choose a reliable rehousing packers and movers service for my move to Kuwait?
When selecting a rehousing packers and movers service for your move to Kuwait, it's essential to do your research and choose a reputable and experienced company. Look for online reviews and ratings from previous customers, and check the company's accreditations and certifications. You should also ask for references and make sure the company is licensed and insured. Lastly, it's important to compare multiple quotes from different companies to ensure you're getting a fair price for the services provided.
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