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Relocation Service in Gurgaon

Gurgaon is one of the busiest cities with an honest variety of transnational corporations and massive company giants. It has witnessed an oversized variety of individuals either shifting to the present town or relocating to a different city for career opportunities. Here the role of packers and movers in Gurgaon comes into play.

Relocating from Gurgaon, one of every busiest city in North India desires special attention to finishing a relocation task quickly and hassle-free. The growing population in Gurgaon and additional individuals are shifting to alternative cities from Gurgaon every day. Finding a reliable and therefore, the best packers and movers in Gurgaon is a big task. There are end numbers of packers and movers in Gurgaon providing packing and moving services across the country at completely different costs.

Moving to a brand new house is thrilling; but it takes an honest amount of preparation to enjoy safe, stress-free, and economic relocation. Skilled packers and movers in Gurgaon are capable of firmly shifting your complete house product among Gurgaon.

There are different reasons to move home from one place to another, like job modification, transfer, moving abroad, skilled reasons, or non-public ones. Regardless of the case, this is often the time you wish for a relocation service company from the Moving and Packing trade. As nobody will argue that Relocating from Gurgaon isn't a simple job, and thus comes In-housing Packers and Movers in Gurgaon.

Home Relocation Process Steps

Tips for Packing & Moving your Goods

Cut back the load you'll be shifting to the new home by obtaining unused & unwanted home items. Gift the usable things to an area charity or sell them online.

Declutter Unwanted Product

Search for correct movers & packers in Gurgaon

Check if you have ample time to carefully examine the specifics of the moving business to stop selecting poor movers.

For the primary few days, your new house to prove easy to live, prepare an overnight case containing necessities such as toiletries, clothing, prescriptions, kid's things, clean bedding, towels, cleaning supplies, and so on.

Pack necessities

Arrange your valuable & documents

Organize 'Important' documents into tagged files & folders. Pack them in your overnight case together with valuables like laptops, chargers, jewellery, etc. keep in mind to shred 'Waste' papers or recycle them.

Schedule the transfer during the weekdays or mid-month to notice efficient movers at low-cost & better moving costs. Pick the right day. In less time, this will encourage peak traffic & complete your transfer.

Choose the appropriate day

Deep clean new home & check for repairs

Visit your new house before relocation and clean thoroughly to remove dirt. Also, check the operating condition of electrical sockets, faucets & plumbing, etc., and obtain the entire repairs before taking possession.

Stop dynamically losing out on vital mail messages from your address at your banks, MasterCard providers, post-workplace, research schools, insurance companies, etc.

Update new address at vital corporations


Contact your utility service suppliers, and provide them with the date you wish the services disconnected, transferred on the correct date. Vital utility departments are Water, Electricity, Internet, LPG Agency, TV Dish & Cable, etc.

Wipe & clean all devices on the previous night. For the simple rewiring of physics, take photos of connections before unplugging and bundle all the wires into labelled Ziploc baggage.

Prepare appliances

Strategies for Packing & Moving your product


Labour can take out a large product like seat, bed, board, washer, etc., to facilitate correct packaging and damage-free moving & transport. They use necessary tools and follow proper procedure & directions while disassembling things.


Movers guarantee secure packing with quality material and latest strategies & techniques. They use packaging material like bubble wrap, wrapper, strong carton boxes, furrowed sheets, packing paper, etc.


Moving crew use completely different loading skills & methods for various things. Delicate home goods such as television, chairs, appliances, art & sculptures, lighting fixtures, etc., are put into the truck and use equipment such as hand trucks, panel movers, furniture sliders, etc.

Transport & Delivery

Supported various things & relocation distance, movers use right-sized transport vehicles and seasoned truck drivers to ensure secure transit & timely threshold delivery.


Destroyed things will be reassembled with necessary tools & following the correct procedure, check for damages at this stage similarly.


All delivered boxes with applicable strategies will be easily unpacked, check for stock failure & operating status and report any issues to the movers promptly.


Labour of reliable packers and movers in Gurgaon use appropriate tools & techniques to unload things into the house & place them accordin.

Tips to Hire Trusted Movers packers

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Verified cheap Packers and Movers in Gurugram :

You'll be assured that the movers that you just are choosing are all verified and affordable.

Seasoned professionals :

Packers and movers corporations can solely assign seasoned professionals for the relocation job.

Reasonable Prices :

All our movers and packers rates in gurgaon services are pocket-friendly costs and offer high-quality packing and moving.

Safety of your Goods :

Expertise insecure transport of your goods in the transit for non-commissioned firms.

Transparency :

Packers and movers in gurgaon charges are very transparent and there is no hidden charge and therefore, the overall price you bear is as per the quality relocation rates prevailing within the trade.

Most Essential Points While Hiring packers and movers in Gurgaon

Most Essential Points

Verifies Movers Registration :

Check Govt of India-authorized license/GST documentation from the Packers movers & text the GSTIN number; jointly verify Aadhaar Card, Pan Card, or any ID proof holders.

Service Quality :

Check the packaging norm and the types of moving instrumentation used by movers; verify what techniques the commodity can adopt for packing, moving, and handling.

Review Past Performance History :

Go through the previous client feedback reports (on Google, Facebook, Trustpilot, Mouthshut, etc.) to check the quality of services they supply and also check if they have any complaints or not.

Compare Multiple price Estimates :

Take written quotations from 3-5 movers and compare their calculable charges against services offered to spot the most effective home shifting services worth for cash.

Select cheap Quotes :

Movers who give cost quotes can, for no good cause, provide poor-quality services and damage the product or hike costs in the transfer. It's best to settle on average-priced movers permanently quality services. Or pay a bit of extra money for the best services.

Urge Best Discounts :

Request the movers to at least equal the evaluation of the opponent.

Linguistic communication :

Scan the contract work rigorously and check that you perceive all terms and conditions and clarify any doubts you've got at once. Fire the initial contract documents if you've got it.

Our Key Values

Professional Team Reviewed History :

Our experts have years of related experience and your goods are also in safe hands.

Held & Run Locally :

To pick what suits your tastes, browse our services, Re-housing local shifting services in Gurgaon. We have a large fleet of freight vehicles to make your shifting work simple and fast in Gurgaon.

The lowest rates :

Yes. You're hearing it correctly. We promise that the rate given will be the highest in the industry and that your bills will never be spiked.We are one of the cheap packers and movers in Gurgaon.

Accessible 24 Hours Moves :

We react rapidly and therefore on the short notice we are still able to take the task as well. We understand that scenarios like this will happen a few times.

24/7 Protection of your products during transit :

Your things are absolutely safe. Our company manager will handle the whole operation at the site directly.

Own Truck Fleet :

To guarantee that we have the most fitting truck for your moving needs, we have a pool of trucks.

Handlings of Valuables with Extra Care :

When wrapping, carrying and unloading, we take utmost care of your things. So when your transfer is in motion, rest assured.

Why Choose Re-Housing Packers services

We aim to supply top quality and skilled services. To stay our client's satisfaction forever on the upper aspect, we tend to guarantee complete transparency. We've thousands of happy purchasers across Gurgaon, Haryana.

We offer all the services you would like throughout your relocation and constant time within your budget. Currently, keep stress-free concerning home shifting and relocation services as you're in safe hands with Re-housing services.

As well-known Gurgaon movers and packers, we seem to be assisted by a widespread network and have ample expertise to move you to different countries with totally different languages, customs, and regulations.

Our advanced moving services are incomparably available to you at money-making prices, which overcome the confusion of many working-class families residing in Gurgaon who are changing but cannot benefit from our budget restrictions on services. We offer a set of quality services to move you from Gurgaon to the other location or vice-versa.

Packers And Movers Charges In Gurgaon

Movers And Packers Removel Service Gurgaon Cost

House Shifting Size Packing Material Locle Home/Office Shifting Charges
Complete Home Shifting 4,500 - 8,000 10,000 - 39,000
1 BHK House 1,500 - 2,000 4,500 - 8,000
2 BHK House 3,000 - 4,000 9,000 - 17,000
3/4 BHK House 5,000 - 8,500 13,000 - 29,000
Complete Home + Vehicle Moving 6,500 - 11,000 9,000 - 49,000
Few office items shifting cost 1,000 – 2,000 3,000 – 6,000
Complete office shifting charges 12,500 – 18,500 15,500 – 70,000
Few home items shifting cost 1,000 –2,000 2,500 – 7,000
  • Packers And Movers charges depend on the total distance
  • Manpower requirement as per goods (per manpower cost is 650 to 900 per person)
  • packers and movers charges also depend on the customer rquirement such as average quality Services and premium quality Services

We believe in trust and genuinism in packer mover segment

Customer Tips For Packer and Mover in Gurgaon

  • Keep your refrigerator empty and clean. Defrost at least 24 hour earlier.
  • Drain all the water from your washing machine.
  • Keep your all belongings clean before our packing team arrives.
  • Ask for official documents from packers and movers companies before hiring them.
  • Always pay your packer and mover before delivery.

Warehouse and Household Storage in Gurgaon

There are many times throughout residential and industrial moves, you have to be motivated to drive out several times, but you don't need to require whole stuff to the destination. Re-housing household storage services in Gurgaon provides an extensive range of moving services combined with climate-controlled storage facilities to enable this.

You wish temporary or long-run storage, store your things in our safe and secure storage facility at an economic value. We have got a large space for storing in the heart of Gurgaon that is monitored around the clock. We offer a house storage facility in Gurgaon at a cheap value.

Our warehouse storage in Gurgaon provides secure and safe home merchandise storage. You will easily access your belongings from the storehouse in Gurgaon when needed. These self-storage units are available in varied sizes to fit your storage desires. And we provide short and long-run services for house storage.

Why select Re-housing

  • We deliver the products by packers and movers in Gurgaon as per the necessities of the purchasers.
  • Quick and straightforward access to method the orders and distribute them cheaply and quickly.
  • Latest management and inventory methodology.
  • Timely delivery and pick-ups through the well maintained and latest fleet of trucks together with load-carrying talents.
  • Experienced and well-trained associated professionals for a range of loading, unloading, packing, unpacking, shipping, etc.
  • Total protection and security facilities around the clock.
  • Appropriate steps for gadfly control.
  • Exceptional household storage services that are built to meet the buyers' distinctive needs in the region.
  • Professional and skilled handling so no stress or tension of harm and loss.
  • Convenient management of huge inventories.

Warehouse Specification

  • Warehouse regulated by the environment
  • Ideally set in the heart of Gurgaon town
  • Fully insured storage service
  • Medium-term and short term inventory storage
  • Objects remain professionally wrapped in artefact security.
  • 24/7 Surveillance device and video investiBeston by police.

If you want to store your home merchandise in an incredibly safe and stable warehousing facility in Gurgaon for several months, then here's a way to set it up.

In Gurgaon, shipping and goods storage companies will bill you the quantity and amount of your time your products are unbroken in the warehouse. When you rent a full-service storage service provider, they can connect with your home and do all the packing.

  • Prepare the list of products you wish to store within the storage facility.
  • Find some of the most effective household storage services in Gurgaon
  • Give them your plan and raise them for a quotation for the length of your time you wish to store.
  • Compare all of the storage companies, and so make a decision.

Storage services & security

  • The benefit of providing a storage unit in Gurgaon implies guarantees of your property's integrity, safety, and security.
  • You would be able to choose a warehouse that is set as simple as possible from your intent of reading our storage facilities area set in Gurgaon.
  • All warehouses are guarded, underneath video police investiBeston, equipped with an associate alarm, temperature controlled and wetness area unit.
  • The owner or his licensed representatives will solely obtain access to the property.
  • The leasing time depends on your desires. We would undoubtedly meet you if you have entered into an associate arrangement with our firm, but you have had to raise the lease period.

The requirements for the provision of storage facilities are processed with the managers of Re-housing.

The respondent's benefits of storing home appliances

  1. Durability, the safety of system security
  2. The convenience of placing territory in the warehouse
  3. Corporate responsibility to the user for the transport and storing of household appliances without damage
  4. Warehouse provision for every period
  5. The use of new, trendy instruments and technologies.
  6. A sufficient number of employees to communicate with clients.
  7. Registration of necessary documents.
  8. Introduction at the order of the client of additional foreign relations
  9. Maintaining the right levels of temperature and wetness inside the warehouse.

Our business delivers a detailed solution that is as convenient as possible. For a carrier firm, managing the loading and unloading process, accompanying the motive force and going to the warehouse, there is no need to search. Our company's forwarders provide storage facilities for instruments and plan useful loads for shipment and packing.

100% Verified

Packers And Movers

Quick Response

From Relocation Expert

Quality Service

@ Best Service

Warehouse/Household Services in Gurgaon

If you would like to rent a reliable warehouse company in Gurgaon, then you'll be able to trust Re-housing. This is often a web transport booking portal that helps folks decide on the simplest and reliable packers and movers in Gurgaon. So, through the portal, you'll be able to book deposit and product storage service supplier in Gurgaon conjointly. We are related to the highest Moving firms that have their warehouses in Gurgaon. They supply you with cheap product storage services in Gurgaon with integrated operations. Let's see how you'll be able to opt for the simplest deposit service supplier in Gurgaon.

Reasons to use Warehouse and Storage Service in Gurgaon

There are several reasons why an individual relocates from one town completely different similarly; different folks face other things once it becomes necessary for them to rent a warehouse and storage service.

Common reasons to use warehouse and storage service in Gurgaon -

  1. Moving in a very smaller house and don't have an area to stay furnishings or different things
  2. You are moving internationally.
  3. You have rapt in a very new town however haven't found the correct rental property or house
  4. Moving out of the city for a couple of months.
  5. Don't have the right place to shift with all of your belongings.

The warehouses have around the clock security; thus, there aren't any possibilities of thieves and robbers ravaging your product. The warehouses maintain good temperature conditions, good cleanliness, and conjointly persecutor management so that your product square measure is safe and secure. you'll be able to opt for a separate personal area wherever solely your product square measure unbroken, and you'll be able to conjointly select traditional storage choices wherever your product square measure holds on with the products aboard different customers moreover. There are many service suppliers agencies that will provide you with appropriate home storage facilities in Gurgaon.

Reliable warehouse in Gurgaon for Storage of your product

There are several reasons behind it. An honest and reliable storage company has a safe storage unit for keeping products for a long duration. Re-housing services provide this warehouse in Gurgaon, a trusty and leading relocation & storage service booking portal.

Several key options of deposit & storage unit employed through this portal and the subsequent are–

  • Proper inventory of things before putting them within the warehouse..
  • Regular persecutor management at the warehouse to safeguard your product
  • All things square measure hold on in picket pallets to protect from pests
  • Pick up from door delivery with acceptable packing of things
  • Goods sum-product insured and safe
  • Modular hearth extinguishers equipped deposit area
  • Total security & safety – CCTV observation, smoke detectors and alarm systems

Hire Safe and Reliable deposit Services in Gurgaon at cheap Rates

Whatever your relocation in Gurgaon is, your search ends currently. You have landed on the correct portal. It is re-housing, a trusty and reliable portal for booking house shifting, workplace shifting, industrial shifting, bike shifting, automobile transportation, and deposit & storage services in India. Through this portal, you'll be able to book the simplest deposit service in Gurgaon at terribly affordable rates.

To assist your delivery in perfect quality in Gurgaon, we've created a partnership with a number of the top-notch moving firms and deposit firms of the town that give deposit and storage services.

We can give you free quotations from up prime three best-match vendors so that you'll be able to compare the rates and rent the most superficial deposit and home storage service in Gurgaon.

Our partner firms square measure providing storage services for all kinds of belongings, like the industrial product, residential things, and vehicles.

If you have the necessity of warehouse and storage for residential or industrial products, don't hesitate to contact us.

Transportation services in Gurgaon

Car Transportation Services

Car parcel service, Car shifting in gurgaon, Car transport service in gurgaon

Gurgaon, the top hub of vast job opportunities and industrial enterprises, is a significant relocation spot. Due to its proximity to Haryana's various states, many people prefer it as the centre of relocation. Here, one can find many technical and non-technical job opportunities in technology, finance, marketing, and human resources.

This place also offers many options to set up business in automobiles, power loom weaving, and manufacturing set up. Therefore, the relocation rate is relatively high here and to provide adequate car transport services in gurgaon.

Re-housing vehicle shifting has emerged as the top-notch solution provider in the market. Car transport is the physical transportation of the car or any other vehicle from one place to another. Car transport service in Gurgaon is a service that has gained tremendous popularity in the last couple of years.

It caters to the needs of the people who have to shift from one city to another. In such a case, if one decides to drive down his car, it means endless days on the road, and reaching the destination, perhaps with a damaged vehicle.

Re-housing car transport carriers in Gurgaon also entails shipping the car when a car is sold to a person living in another city.

There are a few factors that he or she should look into :

The right equipment
- To shield vehicles from dust, rock and wind, they must be fully enclosed. It becomes more critical if one is moving a vintage or a collector's car.
Safe loading and unloading
- It is also essential that these trucks are equipped with hydraulic lift gates. Liftgates facilitate the lifting of the cars into the trucks in a horizontal position.
Door to door tracking
- To know precisely where the Vehicle at a given time on a given day. The trucks should also have the facility of air ride suspension to cushion throughout the transit. Understand the importance of orderly shifting of vehicles from one place to another. Vehicle shifting services are different from residence shifting and need expert assistance. So, we are always ready to assist corporate, mid scale offices, government systems, and small private sectors for

Car transport service in Gurgaon

Re-housing is your online platform for gathering data relating to automotive shifting services in Gurgaon that you need. If you are moving to a distinct location, there will be a requirement for the vehicle for touring with no problem. You'll be able to get competitive quotes for car transportation service in Gurgaon, and this may be smoothing shifting expertise for you.

Reasons to choose Car transport Services

  • We are aware that automotive transporters in Gurgaon have to be reliable and verified. You will acquire data relating to suppliers that offer skilled trailer services beneath your needs.
  • Moving to a brand new location as a result of it is a fantastic time for a person in conjunction with his cherished ones. Victimization door-to-door automotive shifting service in Gurgaon will now be more accessible.
  • Most men and ladies choose to shift their vehicles aboard them for easy transport in an exceedingly new location. They may drive and transport their cars and bikes to wherever they are moving. This method is a match if the area is spectacular.

The speciality of car transport in Gurgaon

Car courier services, Car transportation, Car packing service Gurugram, Car courier services Gurgaon

Our automotive Transport Carrier Services in Gurgaon have a trained team. We use licenced automotive carriers, and that practised drivers handle them. Our packing and moving workers are additionally well brushed, active and prompt in any respect of times. Self often does car or Bike transport; otherwise, you will trust professionals like us. If you opt to drive your vehicle to the specified destination, there is a heap of severe alternative problems that you have to be compelled to face. The tires wear and tear, the body stiffness, the frequent rest intervals, the fuel expenses etc.

Our Services can prevent all this bother and conjointly guarantee a sleek transit.

  1. Re-housing Relocation Services use handy and durable carriers.
  2. They're convenient and permit correct ventilation management.
  3. We have Single as well as multiple automotive Carriers.
  4. Your vehicle is secured within the page with the assistance of locks.

Car Transport in Gurgaon offers deposition and road Survey on shopper request. Also, we protect the losses throughout the relocation method by giving Insurance.

Transfer Your Vehicle anyplace simply

Finding economical and tight automotive transport services in Gurgaon is challenging since there are plenty of reliable vehicle transporters. After we take the death penalty's responsibility for any vital task, there ought to be correct preparation for this. Just in case you select to move your vehicle out of Gurgaon, this job needs proper preparation. You'll be able to take a recommendation from consultants. They will assist you in creating good selections.

Luxury automotive Transporters in Gurgaon

Shifting is frequent currently. There could be varied reasons that you would like to alter your home or geographic point. Whenever you decide to move to another location, you have to be compelled to shift your automotive or truck conjointly. If you own an automotive and you wish to relocate it to a brand new space, then you're within the right place. We should provide your vehicle with excellent shifting expertise. Just in case you do not have any plan for the method, you can seek out the simplest services of automotive transport in Gurgaon. It's potential to pick out Re-housing for the best Vehicle Relocation Company in Gurgaon

Tempo transport service in Gurgaon

We know the importance of time, safety. The team has been trained to shift the Vehicle in an orderly state and without loss of any important things. As empathy is our company's nature, we can empathize that any loss of Vehicle or information can lead to massive damage.

Our Process

  1. Vehicle shifting is a planned execution of systems
  2. Everything is planned, and the briefing is provided to the client
  3. We ensure damage-free transportation
  4. The question of loss or damage, thus don't arise
  5. Our local transport service in Gurgaon is boost by a relocation specialist, closed containers, a dedicated team, and expert loading & unloading crew

Tempo Transport in Gurgaon, hire tempo for shifting, Mini Tempo, Chota hathi

Bike Transport Services in Gurgaon

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A bike can undoubtedly be shipped in a transport mode and other belongings, whereas a four-wheeler vehicle needs extra planning for transportation. Most of the time, we use a specific bike carrier to transport it. If you opted for door-to-door delivery, an authorized specialist driver is appointed for delivery.

Packing: Proper packing is essential to prevent any harm to the Vehicle during the move. Bikes are packed correctly to guarantee that the protruding surface is not directly exposed to anything. A four-wheeler vehicle shall be secured and fixed with appropriate safety equipment to move inside the carrier, harming itself and other vehicles being transported.

Our specialists will ensure your Vehicle should be safe so that it can reach without any harm.

Reasons to choose Re-housing Service.

If you plan to move and need the bike delivery service in Gurgaon, then Re-housing packers are the solution to all your problems. It is one of the best & professional bike Courier services of Gurgaon that will resolve the major difficulty of where to start or look for bike shifting companies.

Here you can explore many different types of bike shifting services in Gurgaon on the same page. It will save you from the trouble of extra travel of physical search and give you the best deals. The bike is a very convenient means of commuting daily to your office or any other places. I think that is why people need to shift their bikes along with them because the cycle will be beneficial for anyone who wants to pass the traffic in fewer hours.

In-housing packers open many options of bike courier service in Gurgaon for you to explore, and here you can avail of their charges and services that will help compare the price. After considering all the aspects of safe and secure bike shifting, you can easily decide about the company you want to avail of the bike shifting service in Gurgaon.

We assist those searching forward to contact the preeminent vehicle transporters to choose the top services to obtain their bikes shipped from one place to another. We comprehend the truth that many have been now looking for successful bike carrier services in India.

Cost-Effective Services

We help them make contact with the expert bike transportation companies to benefit the pocket-friendly bike transportation services. We are associated with the reliable bike transportation companies in India that offer those with no assessment and go with the excellent level of the customers' potentials. We assist service seekers in acquiring the most excellent packing moving quotes.

Bike Transportation Services in Gurgaon

Have you planned to move your vehicle from one place to another? I'm sure you need to be puzzled over the way to do it, therefore. You wish the most effective company for bike transport from Gurgaon. You'll realize a bike transport company close to me who would set up and shift your vehicle in less time.

In the modern-day, hiring bike transportation services in Gurgaon has become very easy. You'll be sitting within the comfort of your home, and simply with one click on Re-housing, you'll have bike transportation in Gurgaon within the budget that you have. This agency packs the vehicle very well, so there are no damages caused, whereas the bike gets shifted to the destination.

Move Your Bike from Best Bike Transporters in Gurgaon

The two-wheeler transport service in Gurgaon can help you ship your valuables through open or closed all over vehicles and move precisely and as per the client's demand. Re-housing assures its customer's skilled services at efficient costs. To move the bike from Gurgaon, we ensure a stress-free relocation with no harm or scratch in any respect.

scooty transport charges, bike relocation charges, bike courier service

Get trouble Free Bike Transportation Service in Gurgaon at the best possible price.

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Are you searching for a motorbike transportation service in Gurgaon that provides a hassle-free relocation and sets you free? So, begin currently for a hassle-free bike transport service from Gurgaon.

For bike transportation in Gurgaon in an entirely hassle-free manner, you wish to make sure that you just are hiring intimate and genuine service suppliers. As there are specialists within the team, you'll be assured of motorcycle carriers services in Gurgaon that's glorious. Every one of the steps is targeted, so there's no area for error. Once it involves bike transportation charges in Gurgaon, Re-housing handles it with the most effective deals and best costs.

Connect with Best Bike Transporters in Gurgaon

Re-housing provides you with the small print of the most effective bike transporters in Gurgaon that build us with high-quality packaging material for your bike without any harm caused. You may worry that this could result in higher bike transportation charges in Gurgaon; however, the fact is that you get cheaper deals as free quotes by prime corporations build your work easier.

One will get bike transport in Gurgaon through these corporations and be assured that the vehicle is delivered at the doorsill with no delays and within the deadlines assigned at first. The bike transport service in Gurgaon with the precise details are provided to you once you send your needs relating to relocation. Then the competitive quotes are creating the narrowing down of your alternative, and you'll have hassle-free expertise.

Why choose us?

Re-housing Packers and Movers is a professional moving and packing company with sensible years of expertise within the menage and workplace relocation. The corporate services include native shifting, intercity shifting, plant and machinery relocation, packing services, relocation of exhibition and trade fairs, and additional.

Relocation is a complicated task requiring skills, and relocating from Gurgaon, wants special attention to complete the relocation in an exceedingly swish and hassle-free manner. The skilled movers and packers help you take care of your belongings to provide you with an overall wonderful moving experience; they're going to guarantee safe shifting from anyplace in India from Gurgaon.

Our mission is to supply the best relocation services and moving solutions by providing our customers with seamless relocation management programs. Our business approach is predicated on dedication, integrity and responsibility.

In case you're to move to any new place inside Gurgaon, we are continually there to serve you with our most excellent workers. Our veteran house relocation services can watch out for your all valuables with utmost care as if these are their merchandise. Time is cash, and that we price our customers' money besides time. Movers and Packers in Gurgaon are on time within the strictest sense of the term. People move from one place to another for various reasons. Whereas shifting from one place to another, they take help from inexperienced folks and find yourself losing valuable stuff in addition to cash and time. Inexperienced movers can't handle the merchandise correctly, and within the end, it takes weeks or months for that purpose to rearrange things in your new place.

Reasons to choose us

  • No hidden charges
  • Strict rules for the Co-vid 19 crisis
  • Freed from price quotes with step patterns.
  • 24*7 days of transportation.
  • Live GPS chase of your product.
  • Dutiful and respectful employees of packers and movers.
  • On-demand delivery method.
  • Attentive client.
  • Stress-free delivery.
  • We offer insurance for our shoppers well.
  • Regular notifications of your product.
  • House sanitization available if required.
  • Extremely older drivers.
  • No damages record with our customer's belongings.
  • Finest service supplier.
  • 24*7 security system.
  • Sensible reviews from our regular movers.
  • We offer a water-proof coating for our customer's menage product
  • Stress-free relocation Services.

About Us

Re-housing Packers and Movers is a packing and moving company in Gurgaon that specializes in making the process of relocation as convenient and stress-free for individuals as possible. User-friendly facilities such as household relocation, workplace relocation, and industrial relocation are moving services to Gurgaon and other cities in India like NCR, Bangalore, Mumbai, Hyderabad.

We are a technology-driven company focused on providing quality, reliable packers and movers services in India to the movers. Our aim is to be recognized as a technology-enabled platform because of India's best packers and movers.

We have 15+ years of expertise in packers and movers services all over India. The supplier of cheap, safest, and reliable packers and movers services in Gurgaon.

The complete explanation of the home shifting with the team professional and get all the answers for relocation services and merchandise safety.

It has become convenient for individuals and companies from every part of India to use our packaging and moving, and other logistics services due to the development of vast office networks worldwide.

At Packers Movers, Gurgaon, we aim to require the complexness out of moving, and this approach of ours makes us different from the opposite Packers movers in Gurgaon UP. We tend to keep things simple, take the desired information from you, and are there at your service whenever you would like us. This simplicity has created us our customers favourite and positioned among the highest Packers and Movers in Gurgaon.

Our Specifications:

  • Same day packing and moving
  • Skilled drivers and packers
  • Special packing for antiques and fragile things.
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Movers and Packers in Gurgaon are of the top choices for moving

Gurgaon is one of the significant rising cities in metropolis NCR, thanks to residential flats and housing development. It leads to fast relocation for skilled and private reasons. Movers and Packers in Gurgaon are of the top choices for moving merchandise to a brand new destination here. This method may sound extraordinarily tedious; however, Re-housing makes your relocation expertise and pleasing one.

Our company evaluates and understands your shifting needs that any caters to easy, trusty and secure moving solutions with the assistance of our high packers and movers in Gurgaon. We attempt to attach you with an extremely known shifting company that gives native movers and packers services.

Resolution for all of your supplying wants:-

  • Reliable Freight forwarding corporations in India
  • Warehousing services
  • Air load services
  • Commercial shifting like moving significant machinery
  • Pet moving facility
  • Corporate movement help
  • Residential shifting needs

Reasons to Hire skilled movers and packers

Things to keep in Focus

  1. Versatile moving & packaging method: Moving corporations in Gurgaon supply extremely economical and refined work. With the assistance of extremely proficient workers and qualified moving labour, the team can conclude your relocation during a skilled means. They follow safety measures and use appropriate instrumentation to ensure safety while packing and moving merchandise. Also, handle all your pieces of stuff with final care.
  2. Modern packing techniques with top-grade material: The best movers and packers in Gurgaon can pack your entire belongings with quality material and deliver them without a scratch. They follow different packing ways for various things like furnishings, AC, appliances, and alternative such merchandise that need disassembly before obtaining packed.
  3. Careful loading/unloading: The shifting service supplier in Gurgaon can load and unload your things with needed instrumentation and techniques on varied merchandise dimensions. They use hand trucks, furnishings, dolly and sliders, panel movers, moving blankets and pads, appliance dollies, straps, ropes, and so on. All big things are rolled in and out of the house; these devices additionally facilitate movers to safeguard themselves from any injuries and defend house property from damages, whereas lifting and moving significant objects.
  4. Shifting services at affordable charges: Availing relocation services by reliable movers packers in Gurgaon proves helpful prices and hassle-free relocation services. They'll bring necessary material, equipment, appropriate transport vehicles, etc., to shift your things safely. The Packers and movers Gurgaon charge are cheap, and that they verify your relocation rates supported the number of things you've got to move, the fragility of products, distance of relocation, whether or not you would like extra services or not, and other factors.

List of the task before the move.

There are many tasks to be completed before house shifting, so you don't have trouble stepping into the new community. A number of these essential things are as mentioned below:

  1. Sort unwanted/unused things: The first factor to try and do before packing is, sort all home items and put aside the things that you haven't utilized in a long time and people you're not aiming to use any longer. You'll be able to give usable items to NGOs or any poverty-stricken person available to your home; if you've got any expensive things, sell them on-line to create a little fortune for yourself. By doing this, you'll be able not solely to cut back a load of products to be packed and rapt, however, additionally lower your overall shifting charges and time taken to finish the whole relocation.
  2. Pack a long survival bag for the first few days: Before packing up all the products to be loaded within the truck, you would like the initial set up to keep throughout the first few days in your new home. Since unpacking could be a deadening and time-taking task, it's best to stay a couple of your essential things available, so you don't have to be compelled to take out all the boxes to seek out basic wants. Pack necessary things like youngsters necessities, medicines, combine of garments, toiletries, medications, etc.
  3. Update your new address in vital places: Before shifting, one of the crucial tasks to finish is to change/update your current home address in the least important areas so you don't miss any important communications post. A number of the places wherever you would like to update your address are Banks and MasterCard corporations, Current leader, Insurance suppliers, Post workplace, faculties and faculties, searching sites. Last however not least, inform your relatives and friends so they will visit you.
  4. Pack and keep valuables one by one: Even though you rent high packers and movers for home shifting in Gurgaon, it's an open plan to allow them to pack and move your valuable belongings, like vital documents (educational, official, personal, etc.). Electronic devices like laptops, phones, chargers, cash and purse, Jewelry, Ornaments, etc. Despite however trusty your moving service company is, your valuables are valued rather more. Therefore ideally, pack your valuables alongside the essential kit and take them with you whereas shifting.

Things shouldn't shift with packers and movers

The movers and packers won't shift bound things, which can cause harm to the opposite home items or the transport vehicle. The relocation service suppliers won't move these goods:

  • Valuable stuff like laptops, jewellery, vital documents, etc.
  • Essentials like toiletries, medications, further combination of garments, improvement provides, etc.
  • Perishable food things which can get spoilt and ruin the opposite merchandise too.
  • Hazardous liquids like fuel, motor oil, coal oil or alternative ignitable liquids, etc.
  • Explosive and corrosive things like paints, paint diluter, batteries, etc.

Steps Followed by Relocation Services in Gurgaon

All registered Gurgaon packers and movers befit sure safety and quality tips, creating the house's complete cycle or product shifting. They sometimes continue the below-given order just in case of the native move (within town limits):

1. Pre-move Survey: A pre-move survey permits the moving crew to see the travel mode, the packaging provided to be used, and different specifications along with your project. To conduct this study, the local shifting services in Gurgaon can visit your residence, analyze the product, and provide you with the price estimates. This before-moving survey can facilitate to see the dimensions and different parameters of your product and helps prevent any uncertainty in your service value.

2. Dangerous product disassembly: The quote from the pre-move survey results are ready. Once you approve, a schedule is created by the relocation specialists and movers. Before loading in your product, they'll initially break apart the product and execute top quality scrutiny.

3. Packing at home: The packers movers Gurgaon brings the most effective quality cardboard boxes, specialized luggage, wrapping foams, bubble wraps, stickers, tapes, and containers to pack your supplies tight. The team can use solely high-end instrumentation materials and perform operations that are unit industry-proven to safely manoeuvre your product and commodities.

4. Equipment-Based correct Loading: The agency members can bring all the mandatory instrument items and resources to load your product efficiently. Support the size of your things, the packed stuff, furnishings sliders, handlebars, the truck, furnishings dollies, and different straps.

5. Transportation in an Apt Vehicle: Betting on the transfer's space and scope, the moving agency can get you the most effective truck. For minor shipments, TATA Ace or a little tempo works best. If an appointed 3/4 bed-chamber home aims to be transported, then a mid-size Eicher truck is utilized.

6. Unloading at your New Location: Unloading, disassembling, and cleaning steps are undertaken when the cargo reaches the destination, as per the planned schedule. Your furnishings and different menage appliances are put in upon top quality scrutiny, which the specialists will mete out. It is often to confirm that your materials are delivered during a shape.

7. Neat Re-Installation of your Goods: You'll earn further consideration if you have got employed by any of our respected packers in Gurgaon. The team can help you reassemble and reconnect your appropriate electrical appliances and furnishing sets at the chosen venue. This way, the length of your home shift finishes firmly and reliably!

Steps Followed by Relocation Services Outside Gurgaon

1. Survey: To verify the things to be transferred, an expert can visit your house. With the preliminary review spherical, the person offers recommendations for the most effective household goods shifting in Gurgaon. To search out the product to be transported, packaging things to be needed, the tactic of transport, and among such a lot of different specifications, a pre-move survey is conducted. This survey conjointly helps you get the expense forecasts for the service to be done.

2. Disconnection: When the pre-move survey, the company's moving crew can get back to your house to start the shifting procedures by initial disconnecting and grouping the sets of electrical, mechanical, and appointed instrumentation for safety functions.

3. Packing: The destroyed product and components are fastidiously wrapped with relevant sheets, bags, and sealants. Since the instrumentation modules and different connected instruments have smart technological power, a secure loading method is assured.

4. Loading: To arrange and transport your things, the department can then review and choose many appropriate trucks for the readying. This is often through with the best-ranked vehicles from the mover’s packers Gurgaon.

5. Travel: At intervals, the trailer or the same cargo, the transport amount begins, and your product is safely commanding with the help of straps, belts, and bolts. If needed, you ought to get commodities protection insurance to supply monetary security on your valuables just in case of any surprising incidents.

6. Unloading: The specialists would unload your product from the trailer upon reaching the new website. A fast glance-like survey is given to your product to visualize any accidental caused on any of your commodities.

Estimate packing moving charges

Our shifting charges relying on Movers and packers rates in Gurgaon and is calculated by:

  • Number of moving items
  • Quality of packing required
  • Bulkiness or fragility of goods
  • Origin to destination distance
  • Type of car used for transport
  • If extra services area unit required
  • Whether you bought insurance or not
  • If you need storage/warehouse facilities

Movers & Packers in Gurgaon provide service within the field, that too, at cheap rates. They'll not solely have to be compelled to pay heaps of your time and energy during this task, and they'll additionally suffer from lots of stress, headaches and tensions. Packing needs loads of systematic work so that once everything has been shifted to the new place, the house homeowners get settled quickly. Tremendous efforts are therefore required within the job. It's, therefore, higher to hunt professionals facilitate during this look upon they're a highly expert and trained to hold out this job. The task will be exhausted half the time without facing any stress with Re-housing movers and packers.

FAQ? - That's Why Customer Chouse Rehousing Packers And Movers Gurgaon

Q 1. How do you fix the cost for Packers And Movers In Gurgaon?

Ans. The pricing be based on the following factors which are total items to be relocating, total distance to be covered. long distance shifting fee is more than short distance, labour charges, Packing cost, unpacking cost, rearranging charges, insurance, G.S.T, toll tax.

Q 2. Shoud i book different agencies for Gurgaon movers and packers, or one company for both paking and moving?

Ans. It is heavily recommend to book only one company for both moving and packing.this ensure 100% responsibility of that one company whose transporting your goods with safety.with separate companies for moving and packing, in case any goods damaged during the transportation . neither of these company will take the responsibility for the damage.

Q 3. Is there any conditions which delay delivery By Gurgaon Packers And Movers?

Ans. we try to do our best to deliver our clients goods on time as we mentioned. but in some case there are conditions which delays delivery which are Traffic jam, Accidental road blocking, Mechanical issue with goods carreir vehicle etc.

Q 4.What if my goods got damaged during transportation From Gurgaon To South India?

Ans.In case of breaking or damaging your goods during transportation you will get claim of current market value of your goods through insurance documents.

Q 5.Do I need to do anything to prepare for the packing And Moving day In Gurgaon Ncr?

Ans. expert team of movers can watch out of everything on the day. Prior to their arrival: Dispose of any things you are doing not would like to require with you, Clear out the garage, attic and basement, Disconnect and melt refrigerators and freezers, Drain washer, Remove fixtures and fittings from walls, Thoroughly clean all out of doors instrumentality. Remember to stay separate any things you may ought to take with you once traveling, together with passports, money, travel documents, vital work, jewelry, valuables and suitcases

Q 6.How can i find out fraud packers and movers company?

Ans. Moving scam or fraud done by fraud packers and movers may be a rare incidence. There ar a really few cases of fraud done by moving corporations. however you can not fully ignore the existence of dishonest or unwelcome person moving corporations. Generally, they lure innocent customers by giving lowest worth estimates and later demand for extra money before creating delivery of belongings. you want to not get unfree into like fraud service supplier. There are sure ways that through which you'll find a rapscallion public mover and shield yourself from obtaining scammed. the foremost vital factor you would like to try to to is substantiative genuineness, credibleness and credibleness of packers and movers.Visit their offices in person for a similar. raise your movers regarding their name, experience, and genuineness terribly candidly. don't hesitate. raise them to indicate you theirs company registration certificate, license certificate, GST registration certificate and different documents that will prove them to be legitimate relocation service suppliers. Thereafter, raise movers for his or her previous customers. Don’t forget to see to it a similar.

Q 7.Can i pack any of my possessions myself?

Ans. Forsecurityreasons, several corporations not settle for shipments that are packed by the owner. In addition, any injury incurred to things you packed yourself might not be lined by transit insurance.We powerfully advise that you simply allow us to pack all of your home items and private effects. All our employees ar professionally trained and have years of expertise of packing people's precious product.

Q 8.Will the packing crew use original materials for my appliances or large items?

Ans. If you have any of the original cartons and packing materials for your appliances make sure that you inform your team head. He/she will check the materials to determine whether your items will be safer using these or our own specialized materials.

What Our Clients Say About Rehousing Packers And Movers Services Gurgaon

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star star star star star
  • Jitendar Kumar

    star star star star star

    Loved the work done by Rehousing packers. I moved from sector 66 to Rohini Sector 23 Gurgaon. I had a lot of stuff for packing, they did the packing so nicely and quickly. All of them were very professional and knew their job very well. I am very happy and satisfied with the way the household items were packed. From the largest item like a bed to the smallest like the glass was packed gently and with care. Highly recommended. 👍🏼

  • Ganesh Gupta

    star star star star star

    Good and satisfactory 1best packers & movers services they had provided. I'm fully satisfied with rehousing top packers movers.

  • Narendra Solanki

    star star star star star

    I got home shifting done from Gurugram sector 82 to Bangalore. The team is very professional, punctual and generous packers and movers. Entire after packing completed in 4.5 hours. Strange but true. Thanks to the rehousing packing team. Keep it up.

  • Ramesh Yadav

    star star star star star

    Very good packing and moving services, reliable movers. Good professional packers staff

  • Naveen Yadav

    star star star star star

    This is the second time I am availing their packers and movers services and they have just improved from the last move. Re-housing is the right mover packer you are looking for

  • Vashisht K. Mishra

    star star star star star

    Moving house is something was always a headache for me. The reason being the things you discover on the day of packing along with overseeing how things are being packed. Are there any shortcuts being taken ?.. etc? And most importantly the hue and cry of packing professionals on what was agreed and what wasn't, the blame of delay, added cost etc. On top of everything, we have Covid which itself is another factor to get bothered. And if you want none of that then you have to pay a hefty amount.

  • Ramesh Kumar Jha

    star star star star star

    I recently moved within the city and had the same worries. Post some search, I got to know about Re-housing packers movers. During the discussion, I shared with them my worries and I was convinced that the only time I would need to make a call would be for payment. True to their words and surprisingly for us it turned out to be the most pleasant house move I had ever experienced.

    1. On-time: Came before time (8:00 am) and everything was packed and loaded by 1:00 PM
    2. Sufficient team strength to support packing by a certain time
    3. Good knowledge of packing and unpacking things.
    4. Untiring attitude: As usual many new things were thrown to them for packing but they never complained.
    5. Neat and clean packing material.
    6. Thoroughly professional
    7. Slightly expensive than average price but lesser than top ones. But in the end, you will be happy to pay for the ease and smoothness of the entire process.

  • Akash Saini

    star star star star star

    Helped pack everything virtually during the lockdown. All the cartons were safely delivered to My Household Goods without any damage. Moreover, they charged much less compared to some of the other Movers And Packers. Would recommend Re-Housing!

  • Banty Choudhary

    star star star star star

    Very impressed with the service of the packers. They were before time and managed to pack everything very quickly. The packing was done with a lot of care and all the packers were very polite, needing very little guidance. Recommend it!

  • Ravindra Kumar

    star star star star star

    Excellent packers and movers. Prompt and diligent. The packing team arrived on time, packed all the items properly and we were able to relocate in 6 hours. Thanks, Mr Nagender Highly recommended.

  • Smriti Verma

    star star star star star

    If you are shifting to any other city and you want to give your luggage in safe hands then you should try their packers movers services. They moved my luggage from Gurgaon to Goa and they delivered it on time. Before giving them all the things I was worried about but I must say this after their services that I am very satisfied with the Moving services. Thank you Re-Housing packers and movers. - Your happy customer 😊

  • Nitin Singh

    star star star star star

    Great packers & movers service, transparent and nominal charges, great all packing staff especially Kuldeep Singh Ji and Vinod. Highly recommended

  • Amit Sharma

    star star star star star

    First of all very professional packers and movers. They were very punctual and reached even before time. They are extremely proficient and Efficient in their job. As I have seen other movers and packers, I could tell box n move are at par in the service they provide. They take care of everything.

  • Abdul Hannan

    star star star star star

    Kuldeep Ji was great to work with. He and his workers supported me while home shifting service in Gurgaon. The workers were great with the items. Everything was swift, smooth and professional movers packers. Would work with him again.

  • Chirag Dhanaik

    star star star star star

    Normal packers and movers. Neither good nor bad. Gets the movers and packers job done, that's all I experienced.

  • Rakesh Ranjan Kar

    star star star star star

    It is a great packers movers service provided by their team. We came from the internet and all communication happened over call and I found their team very good.

  • Chhotu Singh

    star star star star star

    Rehousing packers movers did a fantastic job. I will highly recommend this company. My cartons came right on time and all my stuff in the cartons was in good condition. Mr Kuldeep did a brilliant job, he is a star 🌟 of the company. He helped me coordinate with the Mahabaleshwar team and also with all the process. Thank you so much and keep up the great work, kudos to the team. 👏🏻👏🏻😊

  • Jangid Nikhil

    star star star star star

    was able to pack everything up in a couple of hours with help from them. They were also very comfortable in handling more delicate items. Everything was delivered on time and without a scratch. They are a bit more expensive compared to the other packers and movers services but it is worth it. So Tha ks:- Your Happy Client

  • Jitendra Gupta

    star star star star star

    ResponsivBalmat Value Excellent packers movers work and professional packing staff. Well done Balmat Ji and Team. Keep up the good packing moving work!!

  • Debu Bhumik

    star star star star star

    Superb service even during COVID-19 times. All I had to do was make a phone call and book a packers movers services. Everyone was highly professional packers and movers cooperative. Even though I couldn't look at the packing in person they handled it pretty well through video calls and paid attention to every little detail told to them. Highly recommended and worth the buck.

  • Adeeb Rizvi

    star star star star star

    I had used rehousing packers services last week for an intracity move-in and they were very professional. They came on time and packing and unpacking was top-notch. All our items were safely moved. We were very happy with their services.

  • संजय शर्मा संजू

    star star star star star

    Recently I moved from the place where I was located for my job but due to transfer to my home town posting, I came to Rewari. Rehousing did an awesome job in helping me relocating without any hassles. The team took care of all items as much as we do and the move was completely professional. I will use them again! Best And Top Packers And Movers I Like It

  • Tahla Nadeem

    star star star star star

    Awesome service by the team. Very professional and cost-effective. Great value for money. Best packers and movers in Gurgaon sector 22

  • Mahendr Gaat

    star star star star star

    Gurgaon movers and packers Effortless experience. Though I don't like the system of an advance payment. The work was well worth the price.

  • Abdul Rashid

    star star star star star

    Very nice packers and hard-working staff with a smooth booking process. packers and movers charges I just booked from a phone call and my job was done on-time. Good work, keep doing such work.

  • Chandan Yadav

    star star star star star

    They were Gurgaon movers quick, really liked the quickness of the packers movers job.

  • V.k. Gireesan Menon

    star star star star star

    Used their Gurgaon movers services for local shifting in Gurgaon. Overall, it was a good experience and the entire shift happened without any hassle. Would recommend them for shifting within Gurgaon.

  • Ashok Biswas

    star star star star star

    Best packers and movers Gurgaon sector 23 service provider in very affordable price

  • Vinay Pal

    star star star star star

    It was professional care that Balwant Ji has taken during the entire process. He ensured the best customer care by constantly following up regarding the quality of service I am getting, regarding any improvements needed by his handling team on the ground and even after the task is completed he was keen to know the perfection level displayed by his team. I highly recommend packers and movers services lead by Balmant Ji and his organization as in these commercial times he holds a caring heart to cater to customer needs and wants. best packers and movers in Gurgaon sector 84

  • Prakash Ghadshi

    star star star star star

    packers and movers Gurgaon sector 56 very good service

  • Dhyan Sinfh

    star star star star star

    Service is very good and on time. will recommend the service for delivery on time

  • Sandeep Pradhan

    star star star star star

    packers and movers Gurgaon sector 56 very good service

  • Faizan Saifi

    star star star star star

    packers and movers in Gurgaon sector 49 Staff were very helpful and polite.

  • Gourav Singh

    star star star star star

    Best packers movers service provided. First time satisfied with any packers and movers service. No items lost or broken. Quick and professional turnaround. Loved it. Will use Re-housing for all needs in future. Please maintain the same level of service at these competitive prices.

  • Jp Singh

    star star star star star

    It's been 16 days since my stuff was packed and moved from Gurgaon to Bangalore. Everything was well executed till my boxes reached Bangalore. The rep from Gurgaon told me that my stuff was held up at Bangalore due to covid which is fine (I had to message for updates, I didn't get an update from their side). But then he gives me the number of the rep in Bangalore who says that the reason for the late delivery was that they did not have any staff or vehicles in Bangalore. And now the rep in Bangalore has stopped picking up my calls. This includes everything I own including my documents and passport and they do not have the courtesy of picking up my calls let alone giving me an update when I was told transport would take a week max. The reviews are good but I would recommend not to have your things transported to Bangalore since they have no infrastructure here. I would gladly update my review if my boxes get delivered but DISCLAIMER - I still haven't received my things which included everything I own.

  • Abdul Wajid

    star star star star star

    I shifted from Gurgaon to Chandigarh and was quite impressed by the quality of the packing. There was no single damage to crockery items or glass items. Further, the owner was quite responsive to the small issue I had faced and handled it quite professionally. Value for money.

  • Šhãñ Čhøûdhãry

    star star star star star

    Kuldeep from Rehousing is the best you can ask for. I had to switch during Covid lockdown and Kuldeep acknowledged my request just a day before the shift-out date. The packing, shifting and delivery were very smooth and reasonable. It took 5days to deliver from Gurgaon to Hyderabad amid lockdown 4.0. Would recommend any day. Thank you for your packers and movers service.

  • Ahmad Pasha

    star star star star star

    Reasonable and trustworthy packers movers service provided by Rehousing team. will surely recommend it to someone. teamwork is too good. I appreciate the effort and understanding. 👍

  • Ehsaan

    star star star star star

    The packers and movers experience were really good and hassle-free. They were quick and knew the tactics of packing and unpacking. It was not just any labour but ones who were trained well and were intelligent. They even helped us with carpenters work - fixing the bed, uninstalling the RO. Everything was done smoothly. Very happy with the Gurgaon packers services

  • Aarush

    star star star star star

    Extremely satisfied with the way they managed our house movement from Gurgaon to Rajkot. The team seemed very trained just by looking at them the way they were doing the packaging, loading and unloading. Rehousing Packers And Movers has a bright future for sure.

Our Achievements

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