5 tips to save on your moving budget while availing the services of an expert

When it comes to budgeting there are several factors that have to be considered including the Packers and movers Goa to Aurangabad charges. Notice this but wherever you are heading make sure to keep an eye on all the expenses that are happening right from day one. But this entire process is not going to be easy at all because when you try to save on something you will have to do that part on your own. So this blog is going to help you by providing some important tips that will surely save you a lot of money during your move to a new city.

Packers and Movers Charges from Goa to Aurangabad

House Shifting Type Packing Material Moving Transport Charges
1 BHK Moving Costing Rs. 1,969 - 2,891 Rs. 4,529 - 9,346
2 BHK Moving Costing Rs. 3,591 - 4,629 Rs. 9,646 - 16,569
3/4 BHK Moving Costing Rs. 5,869 - 9,829 Rs. 14,346 - 27,991
Few household items Moving Cost Rs. 1,629 – 2,946 Rs. 2,391 – 7,969

The charges for packers and movers services from Goa to Aurangabad can vary based on the no. of household items, distance between Goa to Aurangabad and the floor from which the stuffs are being carried and upto which it has to be delivered and the manpower required, and additional services needed just like the materials used in packaging like multipackaging layer goods and also insurance coverage to your precious valuables according to goods value. To get an accurate pricing, it's recommended to contact Rehousing packers and movers companies and share your moves details with our professional sales team.

Estimated charges for Rehousing Packers and Movers from Goa to Aurangabad charge upto Rs 18,000 to Rs 25,000 for 1 BHK household shifting from Aurangabad to Goa whereas for 2 BHK house shifting charges upto Rs 38,000to Rs 46,000 and for 3 to 4BHK household shifting you require seprate truck that will be upto Rs 65,000 to Rs 1,21,000 as it includes the door to door pick up and drop of your belongings and transport it from Goa to Aurangabad

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Bike Transport Services Charges from Goa to Aurangabad

Bike Type Packing Cost Transport Charges
100cc to 150cc Rs. 900 Rs. 4,529 - 6,546
150cc to 200cc Rs. 1200 Rs. 6,346 - 7,569
200cc to 350cc Rs. 1500 Rs. 6,591 - 8,529
350cc to Above Rs. 2000 Rs. 7,546 - 11,529

Note- The bike which is to be relocated will be taken by our staff to Aurangabad warehouse where it will be packed securely for further safety and the photos of same will be delivered to you as a proof and. From their the carrier will relocate it in your new place Goa.Contact Rehousing packers and movers for further inquires of Goa to Aurangabad Bike transport charges.

Two wheeler transport Charges from Goa to Aurangabad

  • Goa to Aurangabad 100 cc to 150cc Bike Transport Charge @ RS 5500+ Upto Rs 500 Off. Maximum Time For Delivery 1 Week. Road Transport By Road
  • Goa to Aurangabad 150 cc to 200cc Bike Transport Charge @ RS 6500+ Upto Rs 500 Off. Maximum Time For Delivery 1 Week. Road Transport By Road
  • Goa to Aurangabad 200 cc to 350cc Bike Transport Charge @ RS 7500+ Upto Rs 500 Off. Maximum Time For Delivery 1 Week. Road Transport By Road
  • Goa to Aurangabad 350 cc to 900cc Bike Transport Charge @ RS 9500+ Upto Rs 500 Off. Maximum Time For Delivery 1 Week. Road Transport By Road

Try to compare multiple companies

The first thing that you should do is check multiple moving companies online and offline. There would be a huge number of luggage transport from Goa to Aurangabad service providers. Basically, it is ideal to get quotations from at least 3 to 4 movers that offer similar prices and services. Also, make sure that you compare their prices against the services that are offered.

Do whatever you can on your own

When it comes to understanding moving costs you will see that there are multiple sections under which the problem would arise. One of them is collecting the packing materials and packing them. These are some of the Day's that you must not forget and it will be a way to reduce your expenses.

Downsize your belongings

The more belongings you have the more money you will have to pay for moving them to your new house. Therefore once you have checked for luggage transport from Goa to Aurangabad service provider, make sure to downsize your belongings. All those things that you do not want in your new house. This is one of the best ways to reduce the overall cost of moving to a new house.

Household Shifting Charges from Goa to Aurangabad

Goods Type Total Costing
few boxes/Items Rs. 85 Rs. Per KG
1 RK Rs. 15029 Approx.
1 BHK Rs. 24069 Approx.
2 BHK Rs. 45046 Approx.

The cost for household shifting depends on the various factors which mainly comprises of the distace between Goa to Aurangabad, the manpower used in assembling ,disassembling and handling your crockery and all your luxurious goods. The cost price depend on the type of family living either nuclear or big and the no. of belongings they have not the no.of your bedrooms(BHKs).Contact Rehousing packers and movers for further charges oh household shifting from Goa to Aurangabad.

Time your move correctly

Just like a travel destination or anything in this world moving to a new house also has off-season and on-season moves. Apart from this weekday moving is also termed as affordable and cheaper than weekend moving. So what you can do is check with your Packers and movers from Goa to Aurangabad and adjust your moving date according to the budget you wish to spend.

Check Packers and movers Charges in Aurangabad

Additional tip

There are many unforeseen charges and costs that you might have to pay during the shifting process. So there should always be funds or reserve funds on your side for these cases. Keep in mind that they are going to be a life saver in time of need. And you should definitely put up some money in your reserves fund. If they are not used, it will be yours to settle in well using that fund.

Conclusion, One of the most essential elements of moving to a new city is the budgeting system. By doing this, you will be able to release all the stress that the process might put on you. Movers and Packers Goa to Aurangabad service providers will surely help you a lot in actually pulling off the problem to a huge extent. But making yourself already prepared for all this is of utmost importance. Because we all try to find ways that could help in easing off the pressure and slashing the cost.

Truck / Tempo Transport Services Charges from Goa to Aurangabad

Vehicle Type MAX WEIGHT Transport Charge
Pickup Load Limit 1.5 Ton Rs. 32029
Tata 407 Load Limit 2.5 Ton Rs. 42091
14 feet Load Limit 3.5 - 4 Ton Rs. 50069
17 / 19 feet Load Limit 5 to 9 Ton Rs. 58046 - 65091
TATA 22 FEET Load Limit 10 Ton Rs. 72029
CONTAINER 32 FT SXL Load Limit 7/14 Ton Rs. 95091

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Online Book Truck Tempo Charges from Goa to Aurangabad

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  • Goa to Aurangabad 14 FEET Truck Transport @ RS 59062 + Upto Rs 500 Off. Max Load 4 Ton, HOUSE HOLD CAPACITY 2BHK
  • Goa to Aurangabad 17 FEET Truck Transport @ RS 59062 + Upto Rs 500 Off. Max Load 5 Ton, HOUSE HOLD CAPACITY 2.5 BHK
  • Goa to Aurangabad 19 FEET Truck Transport @ RS 59062 + Upto Rs 500 Off. Max Load 7/8/9 Ton, HOUSE HOLD CAPACITY 3 BHK
  • Goa to Aurangabad 22 FEET Truck Transport @ RS 59062 + Upto Rs 500 Off. Max Load 10 Ton, HOUSE HOLD CAPACITY 3.5 / 4 BHK
  • Goa to Aurangabad 32 FEET XSL Truck Transport @ RS 59062 + Upto Rs 500 Off. Max Load 6.5 Ton, HOUSE HOLD CAPACITY 5 BHK

Moving Services by Packers and Movers in Goa

Costumer Reviews
Cherag Hadvaid
The great packing and moving service
From where Aurangabad

Really a good organisation. Mr. Ajay is a very nice and helpful person. I hired them to shift my home appliances from Goa to Aurangabad .Overall good service of Rehousing packers and movers in Goa.

Pramod Jadhav
The packers and movers service was quite extremely good
From where Aurangabad

My household items reached from Goa to Aurangabad. All items reached safe and secure, goods delivered on time and the behaviour of staff was friendly. Thanks to Rehousing Packers for marvellous services.

David Joseph
I am extremely happy with your services
From where Aurangabad

packed well, can be better in optimising space in their truck, they are very quick too, great guys. Keep it up. Highly recommended.

Vikram Rathi
Quality Bike shifting services, on time delivery.
From where Aurangabad

Had a great and hassle free experience with Rehousing packers and movers . Good service. Keep up the good work . Special thanks to the owner Ajay ji.

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Car Transport Services Charges from Goa to Aurangabad

Car Type Type Of Carrier Moving Charges
Hatchback 5 Car trailer Rs. 16,329 - 20,546
Sedan 8 Car trailer Rs. 17,591 - 21,569
SUV 5 Car trailer Rs. 18,546 - 23,529
Big/luxury 8 Car trailer Rs. 20,369 - 27,591
Big/luxury Single Car Truck Rs. 65,529 - 86,546

Note- The car which has to be transported from Goa will be taken by our skilled driver with proper documentation and proper car condition tranported to Goa with our carrier. The car should have 15ltrs. of petrol before moving because while taking it on ramp the car will filled with air if petrol is lesser than the proper amount. The GST will be excluded.

Car carrier Rate from Goa to Aurangabad

  • Goa to Aurangabad Hatchback Car Transport Charge @ RS 19000+ Upto Rs 500 Off. Maximum Time For Delivery 1 Week. Road Transport By Car Carrier
  • Goa to Aurangabad Sadan Car Transport Charge @ RS 21000 + Upto Rs 500 Off. Maximum Time For Delivery 1 Week. Road Transport By Car Carrier
  • Goa to Aurangabad SUV Car Transport Charge @ RS 23000 + Upto Rs 500 Off. Maximum Time For Delivery 1 Week. Road Transport By Car Carrier
  • Goa to Aurangabad Luxury Car Transport Charge @ RS 30000 + Upto Rs 500 Off. Maximum Time For Delivery 1 Week. Road Transport By Car Carrier
  • Goa to Aurangabad Big/Sport/Luxury Singal Car Transport Charge @ RS 70,000 + Upto Rs 500 Off. Maximum Time For Delivery 13-4 Days. Road Transport By Singal Car Carrier

packers and movers services provider In Aurangabad

Shree Balaji Fast Packers And Movers
4.9      254 Review
About Company Est 2007

Shree Balaji Fast Packers and Movers is a highly respected and reliable company in the relocation and logistics industry. With a mission to provide safe and stress-free transportation of valuables, they have become a trusted name in Goa and throughout India. Unlike other carriers and logistics brands, Shree Balaji Fast Packers and Movers are highly effective and exceptionally trained to provide consumers with the best service possible. They offer crystal-clear services and no hidden costs, and charges are calculated at the time of signing the contract. Their transparency and unmatched services have made them a leader in the industry, providing quick and trouble-free relocation and logistics at a reasonable rate.

189/13 Sapna Orchid Bethora Road, Near Sbi Bank Sapna Park, Ponda, Goa 403401
Sai Packers And Movers
4.8      587 Review
About Company Est 2007

Sai Packers and Movers is a reputable moving and packing company based in India, offering reliable and affordable services for household, office, and local shifting, commercial and business relocation, as well as car transportation. With six years of experience in the industry, they have built a solid reputation for providing high-quality services to small and large businesses alike. Their servicemen are well-trained and experienced, ensuring that all moving services are completed efficiently and without causing any damage to customers' goods. If you're in need of a hassle-free moving experience, simply give Sai Packers and Movers a call for a quote on their services.

Plot No 6 Sarve No 51 Vijay Nagar, Kalika Mata Road, Garkheda, Aurangabad, Maharashtra 431009

Courier / Percel Services Charges from Goa to Aurangabad

Weight Express Economy
Under 20 Kg minimum Rs. 1269 minimum Rs. 991
20 kg to 50 kg Rs. 3546 - 5569 Rs. 2891 - 3729
50 to 100 kg Rs. 5529 - 8591 Rs. 4569 - 6546
100 kg to 200 kg Rs. 9546 - 12591 Rs. 7569 - 11029

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courier charges per kg are as follows : Within the same state : Standard 405 rupees, Premium 615 rupees And Express Charges 900 Rupees. Moving between 2 major cities: Mininum Rs. Cost 665 for Standard and Rs. 815 for Premium. And Major City Near Delivery Charges 900 Rs. Whithin 300 Kg Percel , Rehousing Courier delivery time From Goa to Aurangabad can be as quick as 3-7 business days Courier you always have choice select a shipping type as per your requirements.

Rehousing packers and movers
Below are the services provided by Rehousing packers and movers in India

Office Shifting Services Charges from Goa to Aurangabad

Office Type Moving Transport Charge Packing Material
Micro Size Office 5069 - 9029 2091 -3546
Small Size Office 6046 - 12069 3029 - 5091
Medium Size Office 11091 - 32046 5529 - 8069
Standard Size Office 15046 - 45029 10091 - 18069

The exact estimation for office shifting is ideally not possible without the visit of the office which you want to relocate. The price for shifting depends on the no. of furniture, computer systems, aluminium lockers and files kept there. Contact Rehousing packers and movers for further inquires for office shifting from Goa to Aurangabad.

Frequently Asked Questions
Why is it important to compare multiple moving companies?
Comparing multiple moving companies allows you to get quotations and compare prices and services. This helps you find the best deal and ensures you're getting the most value for your money. It's important to consider the quality of services offered along with the prices to make an informed decision.
How does downsizing help in reducing moving costs?
Downsizing your belongings means getting rid of items you don't need or want in your new house. The fewer belongings you have, the less you'll have to pay to move them. It reduces the volume and weight of your shipment, resulting in lower moving costs. Consider selling, donating, or discarding items you no longer need to save money.
Why is timing your move important for cost savings?
Timing your move correctly can help you save money. Off-season or less popular moving periods often have lower demand, which can lead to lower prices. Weekday moves are usually more affordable than weekends. By adjusting your moving date to a less busy time, you may be able to secure better rates from Packers and Movers Goa to Aurangabad or any other service provider.
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