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Things that you should know before moving to the Kolkata

Kolkata is the dream city of a lot of people, especially those who wish to work in good companies. Not to forget that Kolkata is also the financial capital of our country. Owing to these factors and the fast-paced life of people living in the city, a lot of people from different states come here in search of work.

But as exciting as it may sound to live in Kolkata, you will have to keep in mind a few things before moving to the city. These are some general things that one should know about moving to any city.

Packers and movers from Cuttack to Kolkata | Car Bike

Even if you have hired one of the best Packers and Movers from Cuttack to Kolkata, you will still have to keep these points in mind. Not only will they help in easy transition but also in unpacking and gelling in with the localities better.


It is very difficult to say that a lot of people do not consider planning as a crucial part of relocation. Usually what people do is find Packers and movers Cuttack to Kolkata service providers and leave the entire process on their shoulders. But this should not be your mindset. Therefore if you wish to smoothen your entire process and be on the benefiting side then planning is very important.

And planning not only the tasks that are on your hand but also which company should be preferred over the other. Make sure to execute the tasks in the order you have planned.

Should you have any questions or wish to arrange packers and movers service in Kolkata, you can always reach Rehousing Packers and Movers at 07809777000 or by mail [email protected]

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Packers and Movers Charges from Cuttack to Kolkata

House Shifting Type Packing Material Moving Transport Charges
1 BHK Moving Costing Rs. 1,986 - 2,886 Rs. 4,575 - 9,368
2 BHK Moving Costing Rs. 3,586 - 4,675 Rs. 9,668 - 16,586
3/4 BHK Moving Costing Rs. 5,886 - 9,875 Rs. 14,368 - 27,986
Few household items Moving Cost Rs. 1,675 – 2,968 Rs. 2,386 – 7,986

Note- Above given charges excluded manpower and local transport expense

Bike Transport Services Charges from Cuttack to Kolkata

Bike Type Packing Cost Transport Charges
100cc to 150cc Rs. 900 Rs. 4,575 - 6,568
150cc to 200cc Rs. 1200 Rs. 6,368 - 7,586
200cc to 350cc Rs. 1500 Rs. 6,586 - 8,575
350cc to Above Rs. 2000 Rs. 7,568 - 11,575

Note- Door pickup and door delivery excluded bike transport charges given.

Frequently Asked Questions
Q1.Why is planning important before moving to a Kolkata?
Ans.Planning is crucial for a smooth transition to a Kolkata. It helps you organize tasks, set priorities, and ensure that everything is done in a systematic manner. By planning ahead, you can also make informed decisions about choosing the right Packers and Movers from Cuttack to Kolkata, managing your tasks effectively, and reducing any potential stress or last-minute hassles.
Q2.How important is mental preparation when moving to a Kolkata?
Ans. Mental preparation is key when relocating to a Kolkata. It involves detaching yourself from your current environment and preparing yourself to adapt to a new place, new people, and new routines. It is normal to feel a mix of excitement and anxiety during this transition. By acknowledging and addressing these emotions, you can better adjust to your new surroundings and make the most of your experience in the Kolkata.
Q3. Why should you finish your tasks a couple of days ahead of moving?
Ans. Completing your tasks a few days before the actual moving date allows you to have a buffer period to double-check and ensure that everything is in order. It also gives you time to address any last-minute concerns or make any necessary adjustments. By staying ahead of schedule, you can minimize stress and have a smoother moving experience.

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Becoming prepared physically and mentally

Physical preparation may be secondary for you but when it comes to mental preparation do not neglect this. That’s because it becomes a bit difficult to Detach from the city you are living in and get attached to a new one. This process takes a lot of time and effort. You will be living in a new environment, with new neighbors, and some new rules to follow.

So first detaching yourself from your existing place and then attaching it to a new one is a very crucial thing that not everyone does efficiently.

Finish your tasks a couple of days ahead of moving

Be it packing, labeling, rechecking, or any other task that is related to the relocation process; you will have to do it at least a couple of days before movers and Packers Cuttack to Kolkata arrive on your doorstep. Staying ahead in time will be beneficial for you because according to the checklist you would have created, you could see whether there are any tasks that are left out or not. You can be very patiently working on every task that you have assigned to yourself without rushing at all.

Household Shifting Charges from Cuttack to Kolkata

Goods Type Total Costing
few boxes/Items Rs. 85 Rs. Per KG
1 RK Rs. 15075 Approx.
1 BHK Rs. 24086 Approx.
2 BHK Rs. 45068 Approx.

Carry all the important things with you

One should always keep in mind that important documents, items, belongings, and units should always be with you. You should not leave them with your movers and Packers because you Would not want to lose them. And keeping it with the entire household things, it becomes more prone to getting lost or destroyed or damaged.

Properly label each box

We know how problematic and hectic packing and accumulating the entire house's belongings can become. But we would not want you to face all the problems when you unpacked the items at your new house. Keeping this in mind we suggest that you should properly label every box. This is also important because you Will not have to unbox each and every box to find a few things. Also, it is advised that one should open the boxes that have a particular room’s stuff.

Truck / Tempo Transport Services Charges from Cuttack to Kolkata

Vehicle Type MAX WEIGHT Transport Charge
Pickup Load Limit 1.5 Ton Rs. 32075
Tata 407 Load Limit 2.5 Ton Rs. 42086
14 feet Load Limit 3.5 - 4 Ton Rs. 50086
17 / 19 feet Load Limit 5 to 9 Ton Rs. 58068 - 65086
TATA 22 FEET Load Limit 10 Ton Rs. 72075
CONTAINER 32 FT SXL Load Limit 7/14 Ton Rs. 95086

Car Transport Services Charges from Cuttack to Kolkata

Car Type Type Of Carrier Moving Charges
Hatchback 5 Car trailer Rs. 16,375 - 20,568
Sedan 8 Car trailer Rs. 17,586 - 21,586
SUV 5 Car trailer Rs. 18,568 - 23,575
Big/luxury 8 Car trailer Rs. 20,386 - 27,586
Big/luxury Single Car Truck Rs. 65,575 - 86,568

Courier / Percel Services Charges from Cuttack to Kolkata

Weight Express Economy
Under 20 Kg minimum Rs. 1286 minimum Rs. 986
20 kg to 50 kg Rs. 3568 - 5586 Rs. 2886 - 3775
50 to 100 kg Rs. 5575 - 8586 Rs. 4586 - 6568
100 kg to 200 kg Rs. 9568 - 12586 Rs. 7586 - 11075

Note : Box courier charges given excluded packing charges

Office Shifting Services Charges from Cuttack to Kolkata

Office Type Moving Transport Charge Packing Material
Micro Size Office 5086 - 9075 2086 -3568
Small Size Office 6068 - 12086 3075 - 5086
Medium Size Office 11086 - 32068 5575 - 8086
Standard Size Office 15068 - 45075 10086 - 18086
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