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Kanpur is an industrial city located in the central western region of Uttar Pradesh state. Kanpur was established in 1207; Kanpur became one of the most necessary military and commercial stations of British India.

Kanpur is also denoted as the financial capital of Uttar Pradesh. It is India's 9th biggest urban economy, located on the bank of the Ganga river.

Kanpur is famous for its colonial architecture, fine quality leather, garden, parks, and textile materials mainly imported from Kanpur.

Know Kanpur

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History of Kanpur

It is believed that Kanpur was established by Raja Hindu Singh of the Sankandi kingdom.

The real name of Kanpur was Kanpur. Whether it is suspected of being associated with the king Hindusi of the city's origin or to the veer Karna of the Mahabharat Era, it is so attested that in the last face of the region of Awadh, this city is located in old Kanpur, Juhi, Patakpura, Seemamau,Kuraswam villages .

The city and the neighbouring Kingdom were ruled by the ruler of Kalpi and Kannauj and later by the Muslim rulers.

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Art and music of Kanpur

Kanpur film and theatre society have kept alive the cultural heritage by reviving a dying art form-Nautanki. A theatrical form that originated from Kanpur, it has recently been promoted in many fun fairs and shows. Jhula Mela is another festival of Kanpur; it is celebrated in the month of Sawan; devotees gather at the Dwarkadhish temple to see the blessing of lord Krishna.

Culture and language

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Culturally also, Kanpur is a significant metropolis. Many fairs are held in Kanpur annually, bringing alive the city's cultural values. One of the most significant of these fairs is the Ganga Mela which is usually celebrated 5 days after Holi.

During this festival, the people throw colours on each other and go to the holy Ganga for the bath. Various festivals have been celebrated in Kanpur, like Janmashtami, Holi, Diwali, Shivratri, Eid, Ramzaan, and more.

The Hindi language is mostly used in Kanpur; Moreover, the people of Kanpur use English and Urdu to transfer their thoughts.

Kanpur climate

Kanpur generally has a moist subtropical climate, and the temperature reaches upto 47°C during the summer. Winter in the Kanpur area is generally severe, and intense moisture is experienced, especially during December and January.

Kanpur Geography

Two rivers surround this beautiful city. The Ganges flow through the North East part of the city, while the Pandu river flows south of the city. Hamirpur encircles Kanpur in the south and Unnao in the North East.

This beautiful city is divided into 6 parts: West Kanpur, Central Kanpur, North Kanpur, South Kanpur, Rural, and East Kanpur. The metropolitan area of Kanpur is 10,863 sq km.


Kanpur people are mostly fascinated by street food. Some famous street food in Kanpur is chole bhature, Bachaoolal, samosa, Biryani, kheer, luchi sabzi, kabab Paratha and Thaggu Ke Laddu.

Tourist place in Kanpur

Kanpur has several tourist locations which attract people from all over the world, and people come from far away to visit Kanpur.

Some tourist locations of Kanpur are Kanpur zoo, sports village, Green Park stadium, Nana Rao Park, JK temple, Moti jheel, ISKCON temple, Kanpur museum, blue world theme park, Mahatma Gandhi Park, and more.