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Ajmer is one of the oldest cities in Rajasthan, India. It is an essential destination for the Islamic religion in India and South Asia.

Ajmer attracts more tourists and generates revenue. Ajmer is located in Rajasthan in India. The Heritage hotels of Rajasthan provide its travellers with tasty food and a Royal feeling.

The Heritage hotels of Rajasthan are a perfect example of blending tradition and modernity.

Know Ajmer

About and History of Ajmer

Geography of Ajmer

Aravali Hills surround Ajmer or Ajmir. The total area of Ajmer is about 55 square kilometres. The city of Ajmer lies in a semi-arid region. The city experiences a hot and dry climate. Ana Sagar lake, an artificial lake, is situated in Ajmer.

Ajmer experiences low rainfall, around 55 centimetres. Heavy rainfall is experienced from June to September, also known as the monsoon period. The city experiences the highest temperature in the summer, around 40 to 45 degrees Celsius.

The maximum temperature the city experiences is from April to June. The winter month starts from November to February. The average temperature drop is 15 to 18 degrees Celsius. During the monsoon period, thunderstorms and heavy rainfall are experienced. Still, flooding is not very common in Ajmer because of its dry climate.


Ajmer is a beautiful city that is rich in culture and heritage. People use their primary language to communicate with each other is Rajasthani and Urdu. The people of Ajmer also use English. During the Mughal rule on Ajmer, Urdu and the English language were introduced during the time of the Britishers in India . The native language of Ajmer is Rajasthani.

Natural resources in Ajmer

Natural resources in Ajmer

Not many forests are found in Ajmer because of its semi-arid climate. But around the Pushkar lake near Ajmer consist of many flora and fauna. Some flora is Neem, babool, Dhak, and other medicinal plants.

Many wildlife animals are also found in Ajmer, such as leopards, wild boar, chinkara, common langoor, slot beer, and Indian wolf. There is much diversity of bird species. According to the 2013 survey, around 143 bird species are recorded.

Important places near Ajmer

Many places attract tourists near Ajmer is Pushkar which is around 14 km. The Pushkar is a sacred place for Hindus. In Pushkar, there is a temple dedicated to Lord Brahma; it is the only Temple of Brahma in the world.

Another famous tourist place in Ajmer is Lake Foy Sagar , an artificial lake. Lake Foy Sagar was built in 1892 by engineer Foy. This lake is constructed to relieve the people during times of famine.